Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Photog BFFs

So I wanted to let y'all know about two other local photographers who happen to be very good friends of mine.  I suppose we're kinda one another's competition, but only very slightly.  Our styles are really different, and our bread and butter comes from different places.  Anyway, here they are:

Ginny B -  While Ginny does a lot of portraiture (and she has a brand new studio!), she also does tons of event photography, which I do not.  She's also fantastic with seniors (the graduating kind, not the retiring kind), which I am not.  She's a wonderful girl, and she's quickly becoming the bar mitzvah queen, so reserve your party with her now!!

Dwayne Hills -  Dwayne moved here from New Orleans a few years ago, and you can definitely feel that sultry flavor in his photos of women.  His stuff has a very polished, commercial quality to it.  He makes women look and feel gorgeous, and he's completely non-pervy, which I was a bit surprised about.    He's totally sweet and fun.  I truly think all the mamas out there should be photographed by Dwayne, especially if they need to feel sexy again!  Above is a photo Dwayne took of Me and Jack.  

Dwayne is also starting a series of workshops for photographers (  I've added another photo from his marketing info for this workshop.  It was created using a low-key setup, which he'll go over in the workshop, along with several other setups!


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