Saturday, December 27, 2008

the family portrait.

Here it is.  The first post.  With this, I enter the blogosphere.  Anyhow, I'd like to discuss the topic of family portraits, which are probably my least favorite portraits.  Nontraditional family portraits are a whole different animal, although most clients won't go for something as wacky as I'd like for them to.  Even I, though, have grandparents breathing down my own neck for a photo of everyone together and smiling.  So my trusted assistant, Angela, took a photo of us in my studio for that purpose.  We have spent a lot of our time on family shots this season, and families have spent a lot of time asking us what to wear.  The reason I'm posting this photo is for everyone to see a pretty good example of clothing that looks great together without matching.  The best thing is that we had all of this in our closets already!  I think the colors look great together, and we look casual enough to be cuddling with each other, which is probably the most important thing.  I have to confess that my little family might be my worst clients ever.  Angela only got about 10 shots from that session, through no fault of her own.  Our children were impossible that day, as they were the day I tried to take photos of them in their Christmas pajamas.  By the way, I'm totally dying for a family to take their holiday photos in footed pajamas.  I'm talking Mom, Dad, and the kids.  Pleeeeeease???  

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