Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby C at home

So, here's Baby C again, this time in her sublime nursery.  Her mama is gifted, is she not?  I envy her energy for things crafty and decoratey.  When I went to photograph her first son's first birthday party, I asked her what things she wanted me to make sure I photographed.  She said, "Well, him with me, him with his dad, him with his grandma...  But, mostly the cake!"  And she laughed.  But it was a great cake.  And she did pay a pretty penny for it.  So, I got some fabulous photos of that cake.  

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gorgeous sunrise

I don't know if anyone else noticed the amazing sunrise we had over Austin a few days ago, but this is what it looked like from my back deck.  I'm so unpracticed at photographing anything but people!  I really should do that more.  But I think these came out great.  Believe it or not, the colors are really lacking in these web versions, compared to reality and the hi-res shots on my computer.

Valentines by Nicola!!

So one of my most frequently seen clients designs cards and announcements, and she just did some Valentines for us!  Of course, I just had to use one of my kissy photos of Chuck.  Anyway, here it is!  She also does birth announcements, Christmas cards, etc., and she'll even mail them out for you, with custom photo stamps, to boot!  Here's her site:

The Valentine's Day Minis!

Here are a few from Sunday!!!  It went very well.  I LOVE minis.  Please feel free to offer some suggestions for minis you'd like to see us offer.  We've got some ideas for a few:

Easter mini, studio
Spring mini, outdoors
Swimsuit mini, outdoors
Halloween mini, studio

A Mama.

So, I know most women don't like photos of themselves all over the blog, but I love these two.  They are the most adorable couple.  They constantly make each other laugh.  I can say from experience that that makes for a fantastic marriage.

Baby C.

This little darling is the second child born to my most frequent clients.  I can't believe how different she and her brother look (that's him giving Daddy a forehead bump)!  Well, I guess I can.  My two are like night and day, I think.  Anyway, more pics to come of her awesome nursery. 

Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm in love.

This kid kills me.  This was just a little quickie session when his parents, one of whom works with Jared, came by for a visit the other night.  I'm about to die waiting for them to swing back by after he gets his MOHAWK!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

mother of the face.

Most of you will probably recognize the insanely beautiful little girl in these photos from my previous work.  She and her parents are awaiting little brother any day now!  What a sweet little family they have.  We have a blast with them every time they come.  Jack has been talking about their little girl, how cute she is, and how she put on his glasses, and asking me if she uses diapers and if she likes certain foods.  All week.

cute little family

This is a repeat client family, with a new addition since I've last seen them.  Aren't they adorable?