Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Parent:Wise Austin. Duh!

So, I really can't believe I neglected to mention Parent:Wise Austin magazine in my post about local businesses I love.  I guess they're such a part of me at this point that I wasn't even thinking about them as a separate entity.  P:W basically built my business.  They took a chance on me when I was really green, and they let me shoot their cover art.  I run an ad in their publication every month, and it's absolutely the most productive advertisement I've ever done.  My hubby has graced the cover of the Father's Day issue two years running--the first time with Jack, and this last time with Chuck!  I had a great run there for about a year or so, being the only photographer advertising in the mag.  Now I have company.  I'm so glad to see they're getting new advertisers.  If you have a business  you need to advertise to mamas, do it in Parent:Wise; you won't be disappointed.  The ladies over there do so much for me.  They are genuine and kind women, and I am so thankful to have met them at all, but especially at the beginning of my business venture.  But in addition to being wonderful friends, they're also great journalists.  Their magazine is full of fascinating reads that relate to all things mama.  And their family calendar is priceless!  You can pick up a copy of Parent:Wise Austin at grocery stores (not H-E-B) around town.  Or you can go to their Web site for a PDF copy:  www.parentwiseaustin.com

Love you girls!!!

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