Friday, February 27, 2009

Urban goodness

Angela and I went out for a field trip the other day around East Austin, scouting for locations to use for urban minis.  

These are from the public library (George Washington Carver branch).  Best in the afternoon.

These are from E. 11th St.  This is probably my favorite little spot, because it has so many available shooting areas and can really be used any time of day, as some of them are best in the morning and some in the afternoon.

This is a crazy little building that we call "Super Alright" because of a banner on its front.  There's also a weird stage (the steps with graffiti are part of it) in walking distance.  It's at 3rd & Chicon.  Best in the afternoon.

This is a closed-down club on Cesar Chavez at Lynn.  Very cute.  Little turquoise fence right across Lynn.  Best in the morning.

Very cool mural on the side of a bookstore at Cesar Chavez at San Marcos.  Best in the afternoon.

I LOVE this place.  It's right across Cesar Chavez from Seaholm Power Plant.  Town Lake is in the background.  Best in the afternoon.

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  1. wow -- I can't believe all of those places are in Austin! Need to get my kiddos out there soon.