Monday, February 16, 2009

Random photos of my kids.

jack's beautiful little friend, inside and outside of the fort we made when she was over
  love her laughter.  
jack was sleeping on the couch and looked so angelic when he woke up

the boys were playing with some water the other day, having a blast.  i know it's weird that i took a photo of chuck licking the water off the porch, but i thought it was funny.  i stopped him right after.

 this is just a good beer we drank.
this isn't a great photo, but i love the bookshelf in the background.  i told jared that, if we were going to have a bookshelf in our bedroom, he had to color-code the books for a more artistic look.  bookshelves always look too crazy to me, and this is where i need to relax and sleep.  it's kinda driving him crazy; he likes his books categorized.  but i love the way this looks!!

heehee!  chuck's excited face.

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  1. hey.... that's a random pic of one of my kid's too!!!